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Hilary Duff: 'I pray to God my son doesn't want a career in showbusiness'

Hilary Duff won't encourage her son to pursue a career in showbusiness because her experience as a teen star left her feeling "isolated". 

The singer and actress is currently pregnant with her first child, a son, and revealed to Piers Morgan that growing up in the public eye wasn't what she hoped it would be and caused her to miss out on a lot of things:

"(I missed out on) stupid things like passing notes in school and having a locker and riding the bus, I mean, really stupid things. Once I started touring... my life... was very isolated, you know? I lost a lot of my friends. I was on a totally different playing field than anybody else. And I grew up a lot faster, and I think that it definitely put me in a different place. But I wouldn't trade it."

She did add, however, that if her son was really passionate about a career in the arts she would have no choice but to support him as her own parents did for her:

"My sister and I really showed an interest in this (performing) and dedication, and (my mother) was like, 'How can I tell my kids no?' It's the same as kids that are going into sports. Parents support them and push them."

"I think kids know what they want but I just pray to God that's not what he (my son) wants. From when I started to now, the industry is so different. I mean, there's such an obsession with people's private lives that I really don't think was there before. These shows about digging into people's lives and wanting to embarrass everybody and show that, like, we're human beings, too. It's just so invasive, and it's just a different business than it used to be."

Watch a preview of her exclusive interview below: