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Amelia Lily: "Tulisa is perfect pop star"

Former X Factor finalist Amelia Lily thinks Tulisa has the perfect pop star body.

The 'You Bring Me Joy' singer has a refreshing outlook on diet and fitness, and says fellow songstress Tulisa has the most admirable celebrity curves.

She gushed: "I really admire Tulisa because she's lovely and curvy and not too thin. She can pull off body-con dresses really well!"

Lily - who recently revealed  beating Tulisa in the singles chart last year was a career highlight - also explained the secrets behind her enviably slim figure.

She told new! magazine: "I'm not going to lie, I am very lazy when it comes to exercise so I have a trainer to keep me in shape and keep my stamina up. I do it twice a week for an hour each time. We focus mainly on cardio and working on my abs.

She added: "I always have hang-ups about my body. It's usually my belly or my legs or arms - it changes all the time. I've always had quite a big bum too. When I was younger I hated it but, as I've got older, everyone compliments me on it, so I've learnt to appreciate it more!"




Watch Lily perform an acoustic rendition of her new single below: