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Jake Bugg ends One Direction feud: 'Too much of my time has been wasted by arguing with them'

19-year-old singer-songwriter Jake Bugg has admitted that he's tired of the One Direction rivalry and enough time has been wasted arguing with the heartthrobs.

During an interview with The Sun, Bugg explained that the music industry and press blew the whole thing out of proportion and he's ready for it to be over: "Oh, my so-called ‘pop feud’? Well, people are saying it’s all made up... but obviously I have said things about them. I can’t take back those quotes. But the music industry loves a good rivalry, right?"

Giving context to the One Direction feud, he added: "Look, it started because someone said they’re like The Beatles. What the f**k? It’s just ridiculous to compare them to The Beatles. I mean, The Beatles! They wrote their own songs. It’s almost too stupid a comparison to even bother arguing with. Write some songs! Write a song like Something, and then I’ll admit you’re up there with The Beatles."

Bugg concluded the explanation of the situation by confessing that he wants to put the bad feelings to bed and just move on: "Anyway, I’m not looking for fights or rivalries, or any of that s**t. I wasn’t looking for attention. Someone asked my opinion and I gave it. The time spent arguing could have been better spent writing a song. Or doing anything else, in fact."





Watch Bugg's music video for 'Seen It All' here: