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Amelia Lily on new single radio snub: 'All that matters is people enjoy the track'

Songstress and former X Factor finalist Amelia Lily has revealed that she doesn't care if her new single gets airplay or not because she just wants fans to like the song.

Speaking exclusively to Amazepop, the blonde hitmaker explained that 'Party Over' not being played on the radio is a little disappointing although she's simply "grateful" to be making music and releasing it:

"Radio always change who they wanna add or whatever, but I kinda just am grateful of the position I'm in. I've got a great team who do their best, and my fans are amazing as well. As long as people like the song, that's all I'm bothered about. If it's played on radio, amazing, but it's just amazing to be even played anywhere, you know?"

She also confessed that former mentor Kelly Rowland recently took her out for dinner and Lily, whose new album was recently pushed back to May 20 instead of the original release date of April 28, described the 'Kisses Down Low' superstar as someone to look up to:

"I really learned a lot from her. What was nice was she actually bonded with me behind all the cameras and everything. She took me out for dinner with her and her manager, and that was really nice. I think that not all the judges in the past have done that, apparently. So that for me was really lovely. She's been in the industry for 18 years, she knows what she's talking about. She's a true businesswoman. She's good."





Watch her music video for 'Party Over' here: