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Mel B keeps fit with a lot of "sexercise"

Singer and talent show panelist Mel B has admitted that she spices up her fitness routine with a healthy dose of bedroom olympics with her husband.

The Spice Girl superstar married Stephen Belafonte back in 2006 and revealed that their sex life is as good as ever, telling Access Hollywood:

"If I'm honest, it's lots of working out, which is a commitment and boring. and then sexercise."

Mel B also confessed that while she often juggles a variety of work projects, she knows how to find a balance and to spend significant quality time with her family, adding:

"You just do,' she said. 'It's a balancing act every single week. You just make it work. I say to all my kids, 'Get your education first and if you're good enough, I'll tell you and then you can go into the entertainment world."

Last year, Belafonte recalled an entertaining anecdote about a private moment with Mel B and told a radio station that she once waxed his 'privates' and accidentally ripped the skin off: "She said honey you know what I've got this great Australian lavender wax, she put it on my privates ... all of a sudden I look down and there's these massive clumps and it pulled my skin off, because she didn't put the powder on. I had to sit in a hot bathtub for 40 minutes to melt it off!"





Watch footage of Mel B giving an interview to Jay Leno below: