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'Eminem is five years sober, but he went through a horrible spell', says his manager

Rap superstar Eminem has recently returned with a chart-topping new album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2', but he went through a long period of addiction and struggled to get sober. 

Now, his manager, Paul Rosenburg has opened up about the change he's seen in the hitmaker since he got sober five years ago:

"It was horrible. It was difficult in a lot of ways. He’s five years sober, so things are a lot different. But it’s not as different now as it was when he first went into recovery. There was a time during that period where I felt like I was sort of meeting him again for the first time."

"He came out of this, like, horrible spell and he just wasn’t himself. But then as I got to know him again as he is now. It’s been really great. It was hard to connect with him when he wasn’t present. And now [that] he’s present, he’s a much better partner. I think his art’s a lot better and we have a lot more fun doing it. Our relationship both professionally and as friends is stronger than ever."






Watch Eminem's music video for 'Survival' here: