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Professor Green weighs in on HMV's collapse

Yesterday (January 14), it was confirmed that high street music retailer HMV has gone into administration and rapper Professor Green has given his opinion its demise.

Tweeting about the sad news, he explained that our generation's need for entertainment to be constantly accessible and immediate has definitely played a part in the lack of music shops left to physically shop in:

"HMV bankrupt. we may as well just give up on any medium that involves hard copy and get on with it. #sadtimes. as a kid saving up to buy a tape, record or cd was one of the best things about music, the anticipation. then playing it non stop. Everything has to be so instant nowadays, it'll be the death of creativity, everything is churned out so quickly."

He also discussed the benefits of buying things online, adding that a lot of formats are now digital: "There's plenty of advantages to buying online, there really is, but a lot of industries have felt the burn. A lot of billboards and bus stops are digital now."

"Formats have always changed. . . perhaps they'll eventually get a handle on a way of making piracy impossible. that's the only upside. Producers and writers who don't perform and rely on sales (yes, they do also work, have a job and therefore should be paid) suffer as well."





Watch Professor Green perform 'Read All About It' on New Year's Eve here: