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Nathan Sykes on The Wanted's future: 'Hopefully there will be a right time and place to reunite'

Singer Nathan Sykes, of The Wanted fame, has spoken out about his group's split and admitted that he hopes there will be a point down the line where they can reunite and perform together again. 

Speaking to MTV News recently, the heartthrob confessed that just because they are on a break it doesn't mean a reunion is out of the question, but if it does happen it won't be in the near future:

"We are on a break. In regards of getting back together we have just really started a break, so everyone is concentrating on their own thing, but like I said, never say never."

The Wanted is a very big part of all of our lives and always will be. We had some very very special times together and amazing fans that will hopefully continue to support each one of us individually. And hopefully there is a time and a place where everyone is in the right place to do something again. It just depends on what everyone is doing and if they’re up for it."

Sykes, meanwhile, has been working on his solo album and it is expected to be released before the end of 2015. 

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Watch The Wanted's music video for 'Show Me Love (America)' below: