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Jared Leto says inequality still exists in Hollywood

Rocker and award-winning actor Jared Leto has revealed that gay actors still don't get the same opportunities straight actors tend to have offered to them. 

Speaking to GQ magazine, the actor explained that he feels disheartened by the lack of equality for gay actors:

“I definitely don’t think a gay leading man would have the same opportunities as a straight leading man. I don’t think that. Not for a single second. I don’t know if that’s offensive or not, but that’s my thought right now.”

“It shouldn’t be that way. I don’t think you’ll have as many opportunities. And I think you could say the same for minorities. I think that this is still a very conservative business.”

Leto, meanwhile, appears as The Joker in the new movie 'Suicide Squad' and he told Entertainment Tonight that alongside his incredible on-screen career he and his 30 Seconds To Mars bandmates will also release a new album soon: "We are working on our fifth album now, which is incredible. We never thought we would get this far. We're almost done with it and it looks like it will be out in 2017."

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