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50 Cent only trusts criticism from Eminem

Rapper 50 Cent has admitted that he finds it hard to take criticism from anyone except the mentors he's had throughout his career.

Speaking to MTV News, Fiddy explained that Dr. Dre and Eminem are the only people he takes seriously where negative comments are concerned because he trusts their respective opinions:

"I can't accept constructive criticism from someone if I'm not sure what their intentions are. But when someone's been in my corner my entire musical career - I'll say this, Dre's done wonderful things for me in my career, but the idea of working with 50 Cent came from Eminem."

Eminem also spoke about 50 Cent's praise of his judgement and added: "I feel like I always wanna be there, just to executive produce or oversee things, but Fif knows what he's doing so I don't really gotta tell him much."

"At this point in his career, he's done enough [so now] he just brings me the record and I kinda always wanna give my opinion."




Watch 50 Cent's newly released music video for 'My Life' below: