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'Glee' Star Matthew Morrison loves female fan attention

'Glee' star Matthew Morrison has joked he loves performing for "the sighing women".

The actor-and-singer - who is best known for his role as Will Schuester on the hit TV show - recently released his new album 'Where It All Began'.

Morrison loves making the most of the female attention he gets.

Teasing in an interview with British magazine Star the singer laughed: "That's all I do it for - the sighing women! Nah, I get crying 40-year-old women!

He added: "Back on Broadway, there used to be girls hanging at the stage door, but not so much now. I've grown out of all that."

Cheeky Morrison insists he's always had a way with the ladies.

"I think it comes from being an only child and moving around a lot. I had to make new friends a lot faster. Then I did my first Broadway show at 19. It was fun, lots of beautiful young women and not many straight men!"

Morrison's newest record is the follow-up from his self-titled release in 2011.

Talking about 'Where It All Began' the star explained: "It's about my love of the Broadway standards. I tried to get the songs that I not only sing the best, but also perform the best. I have a big dance aspect to what I do on stage. I even sped up some of the songs to make them more danceable."





Watch the video for Matthew Morrison’s ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’ below: