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Nathan Sykes corrects The Wanted split suggestion: 'No, we're on a break'

Singer-songwriter and musician Nathan Sykes recently sat down for an interview with People ahead of his People Now concert and opened up about The Wanted and his fantastic professional relationship with former flame, Ariana Grande. 

Talking about his previous musical endeavour before he launched his solo career, which saw him as one fifth of boyband The Wanted, Sykes was quick to correct the reporter about the group's status. When the interviewer said The Wanted had broken up, the heartthrob said: "No, we're on a break. We are, yeah."

He explained that they don't keep in touch regularly any more, but it's nice to have some space after living in such close quarters: "To be fair, not as much. Some more than others, but I think when you're living on top of people every single day - every minute of your life for five years - it's kind of nice to breathe."

When asked what the secret is to maintaining a great working relationship with an ex-girlfriend, in reference to his romantic split from Ariana Grande and their subsequent collaboration on 'Over And Over Again', Sykes added:

"You know what... I think it's just maturity. Kind of being like, 'the music is the most important thing'. That's what we both really care about."

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Watch an interview with Sykes below:


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