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Nick Jonas reveals what his parents thought of his sexy Flaunt photoshoot

'Jealous' heartthrob Nick Jonas has revealed that after posing for his raunchy Flaunt photoshoot he sent copies of the crotch-grabbing pictures to his parents to see what they thought. 

Speaking to reporters at last night's (November 23) American Music Awards, the star explained that his father was impressed by the snapshots and praised him for taking such a risk:

'I sent the pictures to my parents actually right after I did the shoot for Flaunt magazine, which is actually a tribute to Mark Wahlberg."

Jonas went onto add: "His iconic shoot in the '90s. My dad responded and was like, 'You know you get that from me, right?' So he was actually really proud."

Back in October, the singer and actor joked to Perez Hilton that he knows how Sofia Vergara feels when people only recognise her for her amazing body because he seems to get more attention for his muscles now than anything else: "I read an article about Sofia Vergara getting tired of people focusing on her curves. I'm starting to feel the same way! But it's cool. The attention is really funny."

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Watch his AMAs red carpet interview below: