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Nick Jonas learns the British way of life in funny new video

'Chains' hitmaker Nick Jonas teamed up with Very British Problems the last time he was in London to shoot an entertaining video about how to behave in the UK. 

In the short clip, the star can be seen learning how to make a proper cup of tea, how to ride in a life appropriately, the pitfalls of holding doors open for people out of politeness, and how best to react when cars stop for you at zebra crossings. 

His new album, entitled 'Last Year Was Complicated', is out now and he told Harper's Bazaar that he had to "let go" in order to become more creative: "I think the biggest thing was I had to give up control first and kind of say, all right, I was gripping it all too tightly; let me just take a step back and work with some new people, get creative and not be afraid to just go there."

"So the biggest piece of that was opening up and being willing to explore new things, and then in return I wrote some music that I'm really proud of, that really connected, and found some great projects that I could evolve in."

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