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Tinie Tempah raises his profile in the U.S

Tinie Tempah has revealed that spending four months in the U.S has done wonders to raise his profile and that he's now on first name, or in his case first initial, basis with some of America's hottest artists. 

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he explained how "amazing" his stateside journey has been:

"By the end I’d got to the point where I’d walk down the corridors of really big concert venues and see the likes of Usher and Lupe Fiasco who would stop me and go: ‘How’s it going, T?’. Them knowing who I was and what I do, it was amazing."

“I haven’t got to the stage of being recognised in the streets yet but then no-one notices anyone in New York.”

He also joked that he won't change his distinctive accent despite his jet-setting lifestyle:

"I’m too old for picking up accents. My English accent makes me unique over there, but some people had a problem with my accent. Imagine how many room service orders came back wrong. I ordered a pot of tea and ended up getting two jugs of iced tea with lemon.”

Watch Tinie's 'Disturbing NYC' video here: