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Will Young: 'I wasn't sexual until I was 26'

Will Young was so terrified of being gay that he admits to not feeling sexual until he was 26-years-old. 

The 'Leave Right Now' singer revealed to Attitude magazine that he was a late bloomer, but is all the more confident now for waiting to feel secure with himself. 

"I was terrified of being gay so I didn’t really feel sexual until I was about 26."

"I wasn’t really having sex, so I was quite inhibited. I feel like I’ve reached a place that I’m happy with, worked out things I will never do."

He added that getting older is also agreeing with him and he's enjoying his life more now that he knows who he is:

"I love getting older. These days, I look after myself more and don’t drink as much and try not to smoke as much. I’m more responsible towards anyone in business or friendships. I think that shift is quite a pleasant one."

Listen to his new single, 'Jealousy', below: