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Christina Aguilera wants Adele flavour for next album

Christina Aguilera's next album may feature tracks penned by London singer-songwriter, Talay Riley, who co-wrote Jessie J's upcoming single 'Who's Laughing Now'.

Riley told The Daily Star: 'Christina gave us a personal brief. It was like a letter saying what she wanted to achieve with her next album. She wants this album to be the one which touches people and reflects all the personal experiences she's been through in the last few years, like motherhood and divorce.

Basically she wants songs that are as big as 'Beautiful'."

The twenty-one-year-old added: "Christina wants to make another 'Stripped', and sees Adele as her new inspiration.

I've writtten one song for her which is a real track put to a four-by-four beat. It's like a better version of Leona Lewis', 'Collide'."

Riley's own single, 'Make You Mine' is scheduled for release on August 29.

Watch Talay Riley's official video for 'Make You Mine' below: