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Lily Allen won't return to music for a while

Lily Allen attended the launch of her new Lucy In Disguise collection at London's Harvey Nichols on May 25 and spoke about her upcoming wedding and plans for the future. 

The 'Smile' singer stressed that she's definitely "not bridezillary at all" about her impending nuptials after a series of tweets she wrote last week that suggested otherwise, and revealed that she won't return to music for a while:

"You know me, I’m Lily. I’m about to get married, so I don’t want to go on tour for two and a half years and float a record."

"I want to enjoy my house in the countryside and you know, work on the business that we have set up together."

Talking further about her work within the music industry at the moment, Allen added:

"I also have a record label, which I am working really hard on. The band Cults are over here this week playing. Their album’s out in a couple of weeks, I have my finger in a lot of different pies. That’s the way I like it."

Watch Allen and her sister, Sarah, talk about Lucy In Disguise from the event here: