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Sinitta on Zayn and Perrie's engagement: 'Affair rumours won't break their bond'

Singer Sinitta has revealed that even though there are always cheating rumours that follow ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik around, she doesn't think they're likely to break the bond he has with his Little Mix fiancée because they've both experienced very similar things career-wise and as a result are incredibly close. 

During a new interview with Heat magazine, she was asked if she thought he quit because of the allegations that suggested he cheated on fiancée Perrie Edwards and explained: "If that was the reason he left the band, that's a pretty huge declaration of dedication. I don't think any cute girl can replace the closeness they have. They've (Malik and Little Mix's Edwards) both had the same experience of doing a talent show and becoming huge stars... that creates a bond that I don't think an affair could break."

Sinitta also admitted that Zayn's decision to quit the band surprised her because she always imagined that Harry Styles would be the first member to jump ship and head down a different path: "I expected it to happen sooner rather than later, because they're men now. Zayn's still young, but when you've been in a group being controlled, you're thinking your childhood has just gone and you'll never have that back."

Sinitta added: "He's always going to be Zayn, that hot guy from one Direction. I wonder whether he will ever think, 'I wish I hadn't done that'?"

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Watch Sinitta discussing Malik's decision to leave the world famous boyband here:


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