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Marina & the Diamonds star: 'We shouldn't have to just write songs about sex'

Songstress Marina Diamandis, of Marina & the Diamonds fame, has revealed that she's proud to be an artist who releases songs that aren't about love or sex or dancing because she's enjoying a career without compromising her artistic integrity.

During an interview with Notion Magazine, the beauty admitted that she is pushing for a 'healthier landscape' in terms of the subject matter popular music explores: "It's weird to talk about, because you don't want it to come off as like, 'people should be doing what I'm doing!', because it's not that at all. It's more just actually talking about it."

"I just think we should have a healthier landscape, because of course we can have songs about sex and love and being in the club, but we should also have an alternative for people who do want to hear other types of music. My aim is to talk about the songwriting industry."

Referring to her latest album, entitled 'Froot', the sensation admitted that she thinks people understand who she is as an artist now with this release: "I definitely feel people understand who I am [now]' as opposed to 'the Marmite way the other two albums were received. 'Froot' was effortless to write in comparison to how I'd felt before'."

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