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Naughty Boy on Zayn feud: 'You have to learn from it'

Producer and hitmaker Naughty Boy has revealed that he's glad his public feud with Zayn Malik is no longer happening and it has been put to bed once and for all.

During a new chat with Britain's Evening Standard newspaper, Naughty Boy explained that he has learned from the situation and is just relieved it's over:

"I am cooler than that. You got to learn from it. I am glad it happened really. I am happy not to be trending on Twitter first of all, and I learned you have to understand your own value as an artist. What they (One Direction) do is an economy. It’s not me."

He added: "I’m about working in the studio with artists. It’s done and it’s put to bed now.”

Much earlier this year, Naughty Boy told the press that he was happy to see Zayn looking so comfortable as a solo artist: "Zayn seems to be in the most comfortable place at the moment and, after being in a band for five years, he deserves it."

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Watch Naughty Boy and Zayn in action here:


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