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Rita Ora: 'I never take any notice of the press'

Songstress Rita Ora has confessed that she keeps a clear head by ignoring stories written about her in magazines and gossip columns.

Speaking to Yahoo! OMG, she explained that it can be poisonous to allow yourself to be affected by negative press so she avoids it in order to remain focused:

"What’s funny is that I haven’t commented on anything so I feel like it shows enough that I haven’t really commented. I don’t really look at any of that."

"There is a lot going on, I’m doing my new album, so I tend to not take any notice and I’m surrounded by such great people who don’t really take much notice either." She added: “To me I don’t really know what is going on!"

Ora is currently in Thailand and has been sharing personal snaps from her trip with fans via Twitter and Instagram.





Watch Ora experience a sky dive below:


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