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Madonna invites Britney Spears to recreate 'that kiss'

Madonna has invited Britney Spears to recreate a kiss they once shared on stage.

The pair sent the pop world into overdrive back in 2003 when they kissed on stage during a performance at the MTV VMAs.

Speaking on Twitter, Madonna asked Britney Spears directly if she would like to recreate the special moment once more. She said:

"Please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!"

Britney then replied: "Tempting..."

Madonna then seemingly went a bit Twitter crazy, telling global superstar Katy Perry: "I wanna see you in the front row somewhere this year".

The Queen of Pop also expressed her admiration for electronic dubstep dynamo Skrillex - telling him that she "worships" him - before asking if he wants to open one of her live shows.

Skrillex however has yet to publicly respond to the request.




Watch Madonna celebrate her new album's chart success below: