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Muse hint at possible new direction for next album

Muse, who recently won the Best Act In The World Today prize at the Q Awards, have started thinking about their next studio album and they might head in an exciting new direction with its sound. 

Speaking to Absolute Radio about the plans for their next record, frontman Matt Bellamy admitted that they are tempted to do something completely different this time around: “I feel like I say it every time with each album but I feel like it might be time to actually do something a bit more stripped down.”

He also opened up about their momentous live shows, adding that technology has helped them to put on their best productions ever:

“The last album was written and recorded very much with the idea of how it is going to work in the show in mind. Moving forward, we might want to do something different because I feel like we’ve pushed the show to a really high point.”

“I kind of feel that we are very lucky because we live during this period of time where technology has actually enabled so many different things to happen in the live show. Almost every time we do a new album or tour, there’s new technology to test out or try. This last ten years have been the most exciting time to be a live act because you get to play around with all these new toys.”

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