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Matt Bellamy: "Muse's music challenges society"

Muse's Matt Bellamy wants the band's music to influence fans in a positive way.

The frontman thinks society is far less free-thinking nowadays and hopes that his band's music encourages youngsters to think differently about certain things.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ''The structures keeping people in place these days are days are far more covert and coercive: Advertising, the media, the way corporations and governments function and so on. A lot of young people are born into bondage and don't necessarily know it. I'd like to think our songs have some influence on people who feel they don't want to fall in with everything.''

Bellamy is proud that Muse promote individuality amongst their younger fans

He explained: ''I do feel we are keeping up that tradition, that it's the job of bands, musicians, artists in general to at least shed light on things people might not be aware of.

The singer added: ''I wouldn't pretend we're the starting point, but in combination with other artists out there, I think we collectively influence other people to come up with new ways of thinking. And they're the ones who will form policies in the future.''




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