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5SOS on their friendship: 'We were like the outcasts at school and no one thought we were cool'

Australian heartthrobs 5 Seconds Of Summer have opened up about their friendships with each other and confessed that their passion for music along with the fact that other kids they went to school with didn't care about it the way they did pulled them together. 

Speaking to VEVO as part of the 'Becoming' series, member Ashton Irwin explained that while they weren't close friends to begin with, they found each other through their mutual love of music and it helped them to bond:

“I think we sort of gravitated towards each other 'cause we were like the outcasts at school, not outcasts, but it just wasn’t cool what we were doing, no one thought that it was special or anything like that and no one really cared.” 

Earlier this week, the band's Luke Hemmings revealed that drummer Irwin stood up for him at school when he was getting bullied, which was an admirable thing to do: "It's not that dramatic... I was with some people that I didn't really like too much and Ashton was along with them, but I didn't know him then 'cause I didn't know if I liked him or not... the people that I was with - I'd just got a haircut and they were teasing me about it. Ashton was like, "leave the boy alone"."

Watch the boys' full VEVO interview below: