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Nick Jonas on growing up in the spotlight: 'I could choose to hold a grudge about it'

'Chains' hitmaker Nick Jonas has opened up about what it was like to have the public giving an opinion on his decision to wear a purity ring in a new interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph. 

He confessed that it's a strange thing to experience your most awkward and formative years in the spotlight, but he has to accept that's just how it was because of his fame:

"It was bizarre. I was speaking at Oxford University [recently] about growing up in the public eye and how that can affect you. Where most people go through their growth and journey to become who they’re going to become away from other people’s opinions, I did it with the world watching."

Jonas went onto add that it's very easy to feel defensive and irritated by the world feeling as though it's entitled to an opinion, but he wants to look at it in a different way: "I could choose to hold a grudge, but I think the best way to approach it is [to think] that it helped give me perspective."

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