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Nick Jonas: 'I lived my most awkward moments in front of the world'

'Jealous' heartthrob Nick Jonas recently sat down for a chat with Rolling Stone magazine and opened up about growing up in the public eye. 

The superstar told the publication that there are many moments he looks back on now and cringes, but at least he can laugh about them: "I lived my most awkward years in front of the world. With that comes some natural embarrassment from time to time, but it’s all good. You’ve got to have those experiences and you grow and build from there."

When asked to pick out some specific things that were particularly embarrassing or awkward, Jonas added: "I mean, really bad outfit choices. I rocked Ed Hardy stuff pretty hard for a little while there. And hair, you know, lots of hair."

In the same interview, Jonas went onto talk about Zayn Malik's recent decision to quit One Direction and applauded him for being true to himself and making such a tough decision. Click here to read the excerpt. 

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