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Nick Jonas: 'Demi is killing it with her fitness game'

'Chains' sensation Nick Jonas has opened up about how he keeps his body in such incredible shape. 

He spoke to E! News reporter Mark Malkin at the Propel pop-up fitness studio in Venice about fitness and praised his friend Demi Lovato for stepping up her gym game:

"Demi is killing it right now with her fitness game. She looks amazingI think we're going to get a trainer and have someone out on the road with us. But also, every night on stage is a workout."

Jonas went onto add that his own fitness regime is varied and he likes to do circuit training: "Today was a cardio day—a sauna suit under layers of sweat suits to get cut up a bit and weight training. I do a circuit of high heart rate exercises and building muscle."

He recently told Ryan Seacrest that his forthcoming new Future Now tour with Demi Lovato will be unlike anything their fans have ever seen:

"The whole concept is to create an experience the minute you walk into the venue. So we're working hard on some stuff. We're basically creating a little of virtual reality/augmented reality stuff on the phone, which will be an interesting thing to do that no one has ever done before."

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Watch an interview segment with Nick Jonas below:


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