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The Vamps on next album: 'We're writing to fit what's happening in the music biz'

British pop-rock band The Vamps are currently working on their second studio album and guitarist James McVey has teased the sound they're going for this time around. 

During an interview with Glasgow's Evening Times, heartthrob James McVey admitted that while their next record sounds like The Vamps, it's definitely different to their debut offering: "We want to keep the essence of what the Vamps is, so there's still lots of guitars."

"We're experimenting with some synths though, and we're writing more in the direction of what's happening now in the music industry, so there's elements of guys like Avicii. On the other hand we're looking at guys like Sting and the stuff he did with the Police - the rhythms and some of the guitar work that's on there (by Andy Summers) are great."

Earlier this month, the band told Britain's Daily Star that the highly-anticipated second album is 'trippy': "It's still very band-y, but less folky than our debut. It's a bit trippy, a bit 80s, with some MGMT-style synths."

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