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Will Young: 'I hate most of my album titles'

Will Young has admitted that he doesn't really like his album titles.

The singer has just released his sixth album '85% Proof' in the UK.

The Brit was quizzed in a new interview with Digital Spy about the origins of the title, which comes from the alcohol Moonshine.

Young said: "When they brewed it they wouldn't know how strong it was, so the only way they could tell was by drinking it, which at that level they got s**t-faced. I thought it was interesting that with listening to music, I don't know how good something is [until I try it], so it's like a fermentation process. It has to be tasted to be able to tell."

However, it seems the former Pop Idol winner isn't too keen on the names of his previous albums.

The singer added: "It just caught my imagination, and I hate all of my album titles. Apart from 'Echoes' actually, oh and I like 'Friday's Child', but the rest sound like self help books. I just thought, 'Oh God here we go again - what am I going to say this time?' Then my brother sort of said, 'Well what about this?'."

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