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Will Young on changing label: 'The relationship had gotten a bit tired'

Will Young says he changed his record label because things were getting "tired".

The singer quit Sony to team up with Island for new album '85% Proof'.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Young likened his time with Sony to a relationship that was growing weary.

He said: "I finished my album deal with Sony, and I knew that Island were interested for quite a while, and I thought, 'I can't say no to Island Records'. It was like a relationship. I had an amazing time with Sony, and felt like the relationship had maybe gotten a bit tired.

"They had so many changes there. But my quality didn't change. And I felt like it was time to change from 19 [management], because they didn't have much music, and in fact, I was the only music act there. Faye, my manager there at 19, we both said, 'Let's go to Island'. I knew what they'd done with Robbie [Williams], I knew what they've done with Sia, and then Passenger was coming up.

"I met them and just thought, 'This is awesome! Why would I not want to come with you guys? Your office is in an old garage.' It's really cool."

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