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Jason Derulo: 'I was a hardcore drinker before I injured my neck'

'The Other Side' sensation Jason Derulo has opened up about the party heavy lifestyle he enjoyed before fracturing his neck and confessed that he was a "hardcore drinker".

Speaking to Huffington Post UK, the superstar explained that prior to his injury he would stay out until the early hours throwing back alcoholic drinks and suffering from awful hangovers the next day:

"I was hardcore drinking every single night. I was partying until crazy times in the evening then getting on the plane at six in the morning, walking in the airport like a zombie because I was drunk and hungover from the last nights."

He added that his accident was really a wake-up call that showed him the path he was on wasn't the right one:

"Before my accident I was on autopilot. I don't really think that was the right road. I was not being smart. Being young and somebody who travels the world, you can easily get caught up and kind of lose yourself in it all. I think my injury really helped to wake me up a little bit."






Watch his latest music video, which is for 'Talk Dirty', below: