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Lily Allen: 'I only got paid £8,000 for the John Lewis advert'

'Air Balloon' songstress Lily Allen has revealed that she doesn't earn as much money from her music as people seem to think. 

The beauty recorded a cover version of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know' for the Christmas John Lewis commercial, but confessed to Beat magazine that she didn't get paid that much for the popular track:

"Everyone assumes I made millions from the John Lewis ad – I probably made £8k. Now I’m not earning much from the music. I won’t do as much promo for the record company. It’s changed in that sense. I have to look at other ways. Back then [before her 'retirement'] it was about doing as much press as possible, but now one quote will spread everywhere."

Allen added that as an artist in today's society, it feels more important and worthwhile to keep out of the media because there is so much constant coverage it often seems as though the same acts are being talked about across the board all the time:

"So you don’t want to do as much, because you saturate the media very quickly. Jonathan Ross, X Factor, so many opinions, it’s too much. You want to hold it back."

Watch her music video for 'Our Time' here: