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Frankie Cocozza: "I love reading the hate"

The X Factor's Frankie Cocozza isn't bothered by the negativity that's often aimed at him and admits that he can just brush it off.

The young finalist has been criticised by the viewing public and media alike for his performances over the past few weeks, but revealed to OK! magazine that it only encourages him to up his game:

"I love reading the hate. I think it's brilliant. It cracks me up. It just eggs me on to do better. I just want to be a good performer and entertain people and bomb about the stage screaming my head off."

"I think that's good entertainment. It's got to be about the performance or I'm bang in trouble."

Despite claiming not to be affected by how he's represented in the press, earlier today (November 1) Cocozza tweeted: "Can't believe how much shit is put in the papers."

Watch Cocozza's recent video diary updates here:


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