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Gary Barlow reveals nerves over Diamond Jubilee concert

Gary Barlow has admitted he will be jumping with joy if next week's Diamond Jubilee concert goes without a hitch.

The Take That man is overseeing the massive London event on Monday (June 4) and he has bagged the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder for the concert.

However, he told the Mirror that with all the band switchovers, he is almost expecting something to go wrong on the night. He said:

"The end of the gig is particularly full-on because we go act into act. We go from Kylie to Stevie Wonder to Elton John and then Paul McCartney. They are four massive sets. They all have their own bands, they all have a different look. If we can get to McCartney and nothing has gone wrong, then we will all be jumping up and down. It will be dark by then, peak time, the climax to the show and you want that part to really blow people away."

The Mirror also reports that Barlow said he has a "special duet" planned with an international star on the night.




Watch Gary Barlow's Diamond Jubilee song 'Sing' below: